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Self-adhesive Leather Repair Patch


Leather Repair Patch Adhesive helps repair the scratch, crack, and tear of the chair, car seat, and couch, the best alternative to liquid repair kits.

Use a scissor to cut the Leather Repair Patch Adhesive into any shape you like and cover eyesore scratches or gouges, restore your furniture with this leather patch.

Easy application first-aid couch repair patch, just peel and stick, allow 24 hours to stick, hold up well to last months.

QUICK FIX: Leather Repair Patch Adhesive is easy for covering scratches or gouges. A few seconds of self-adhesive bonding can quickly rescue your favorite furniture without spending too much on upholstery repairs services.

SEAMLESS REPAIR: Leather Repair Patch Adhesive works on covering holes without curling and seam, Conforms to uneven surfaces wonderfully, you can find its excellent adhesion.

CUT TO SIZE: Use scissors to cut Leather Repair Patch Adhesive in different shapes as you like, ensure enough space that makes your sofa looks no obvious patch.

WATERPROOF AND DURABLE: High-quality PU leather, waterproof and durable, Soft, Eco Friendly, No smell adhesive, Leather Repair Patch Adhesive can help you to create a comfortable life.


  1. Clean the damaged surface
  2. Cut the desired shape
  3. Peel and stick. Premium self-adhesive repair patches help you cope with all kinds of scratches or hole problems easily.

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Djuana Mcvay

Good product

Lynn Raynor
Perfect for BIG repairs

I have an old leather chair with a worn arm and significant damage on the other arm. The chair is in a finished porch, so I wasn't concerned about a perfect appearance, just a good repair. The chair came with a swatch of leather under the seat.

I cut that in half and slid it under the holes to provide structure, then I cut one of the two sheets of patch material in half. One of them went over the worn arm, and the other half repaired the torn arm as shown in the pictures. The self-adhesive has held for over a month, without any of the corners curling, even in some recent 90-degree heat.

If I eventually need to replace the patches, I still have the other sheet of the material. You won't find extra-large patches like these at Home Depot or Lowe's. I know because I looked.

Jolie Yundt
Good product

So far so good. It is thicker than the cheap material on my expensive chair. Was more expensive to reupholster it than to replace it. Thought I would try this instead. Better, cheaper alternative.

Talia Wilkinson
Didn't know what to expect

Didn't know what to expect. I've used patches before but this was different. Our leather couch was shot, ripped, dog destroyed. Getting laid off i couldn't replace it. I ordered 6 large patches.

No the couch is far from perfect. But the patches saved me for a while.. the stick is unforgiving be careful. They are strong. I used gorilla tape under them. Put 2 on each seat cushion, they worked great. The back cushions were much harder.

And nothing I could do would make it right,, dog issues, I re stuffed them some tape, the 4 inch roll of patch and 3 of the large patches. Cover it all to stop the dog damage. Overall, I waited to long. But the patches were great, heavy duty and strong. And they will not come loose

Marta Dare
Excellent product

I have a large leather sectional and one part had become worn and cracked with a 3 inch tear. Since it's only a small part of the sectional i planned to eventually get that section reupholstered. But in the mean time I wanted a temporary patch. I was excited when the color was a perfect match. I ran the patch along the edge of the seams. I was shocked that the patch was not visable. I believe I was lucky to get a perfect color match and was able to hide the edge by running it along the seam. I read reviews that say it doesn't stick well. So far I have not experienced that problem. I've only had it for 2 weeks so it could happen in the future. When I first put the patch on i waited for 3 days before using it. The first couple of days of looked like parts of the edge was beginning to lift. I ran my finger along thoughs section of edge to push it back down. After a couple of days it stopped lifting. The patch is directly on the seat and so far it's working great and not lifting. I couldn't be happier and it definitely exceeded my expectations.