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Collapstool™ - Telescopic Folding Stool

Collapstool™ - Telescopic Folding Stool


Why Collapstool™?

You’ve been standing or walking around for a long time, and your shoes aren’t helping. Your back aches, your legs hurt, and your feet are killing you: you just want to sit down for a few minutes - but there isn’t a chair in sight. Sitting on the ground, if you’re even able to, will get clothes dirty and make it difficult to get back up. so what can you do?

Take A Seat Wherever You Are And Wherever You Go! With this retractable stool, you'll no longer have to go through the pain of standing. Get comfortable and sit down anywhere you are! This super portable stool collapses down to practically nothing, so you can take it anywhere with you!

Portable and lightweight:The pack size is only 26cm in diameter and weighs just 1.25kg/2.8lbs.This retractable stool is portable, lightweight, small, and compact to place into luggage or backpack. The adjustable strap makes the chair easy to carry in your hand or hanging on your shoulder. Ideal chair for everywhere you go and anytime you want to sit down so feeling perfect!

Adjustable height: The folding stool is adjustable and it can be set to your desired height within the range of 2.4 to 18 inches. This adjustability makes it suitable for most adults and children.

Safe and stable:Made of high-strength heavy-duty environmentally friendly material plastic PA+ABS, the cylinder shape structure, tight connecting clasps, and the non-slip base ensure that this collapsable stool will give the stability to provide safe and comfortable sitting. The maximum load capacity is as much as 350 lbs!

Easy Open and Fast Close:The unique innovative locking clasp system allows the foldable stool to open and close easily in just seconds, and it locks firmly in place once opened. Even a child can do it quickly and easily!

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