The Princetons - Premium Leather Boots

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The Princetons are hand-made with very high-quality genuine leather and are built to last.

The hybrid look of The Princetons makes them perfect for a cold winter day, or a business-casual event. These boots will certainly make an impression on anyone that sees you wearing them. 

  • High-Quality Genuine Leather
  • Sleek blue thick rubber sole
  • Comfortable insole
  • Fits true to size

**NOTES** These boots are handmade and are a limited quantity run. Last time we had a sale we sold out in 3 days.

Also, because the design of the shoe, we don't have half-sizes. Ex. If you wear an 11.5, an 11 will fit. If you wear an 8.5, and 8 will fit. 

Customer Reviews

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Lena Hunt

AMAZING BOOT! All types of people have been coming up and complimenting the boots. A guy even thought I was wearing new pants, because of the coolness of the boot. VERY comfortable shoe and I can stand all day in these!

Worth the price for boots made to last

I've only had them a week and they are still pretty stiff but I've received numerous complements on them. Despite being boots, they are also the most quiet shoes I've worn in a long time. You can't hear anything when walking down a tiled hallway, which is nice compared the the usual thumping of other boots on hard floors. The fit and finish is great and they seem to be made of very high quality materials.

Laura Bird
Let’s talk style

Fresh out of the box, you can tell they’re made by hand. I wouldn’t have been surprised for a loose stitch or a slightly not-dead-straight seam, but mine were perfect. The quality is not comparable to anything you’d buy at a department store. They’re simply a better product.

Jessica La Pointe
Wipe them off and adjust laces to get them comfortable.

Beautiful boot. Really comfortable after a little adjustment. felt somewhat tight at 1st. After adjusting laces and wearing for about 5 hours they kept feeling better and better. Second day wore them with both mid weight and heavy socks. Both felt great with adjusting laces. Could feel the boots and insoles molding to my feet the minute putting them on the second day. Was really surprised. You should 1st wipe of the boots with a clean cotton rag (I used an old rag t shirt) as the die or polish is a little tacky feeling and has a distinct odor. I wiped mine down, leaving some brown color on the rag and then used the Venetian balm to clean off any residue and buffed them and they shine great. Not exactly cheap but as they say, you get what you pay for. Cost more than some and less than others but these are the nicest and most comfortable foot wear I have ever put on.

Handsome, comfortable and rugged work boots

I’m a walker and I live in a mountainous & rural state that has four seasons. I plan to wear these boots year round while hiking in the mountains, valleys, river banks and doing yard work around the house which I just completed prior to taking the attached photos of the boots.
Regarding the fit for me, when wearing the thick wool socks the shoe is snug. Today I put on a thick pair of cotton blend socks and the boots seem to have a bit more room in them but they’re still comfortable.
The heel in these shoes are pretty good and as I have a narrow heel these boots seem to give them good support without a lot slide. The foot bed is comfortable

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