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NoNail™ - (20 Pairs) Double Sided Adhesive Hooks

Use wall hooks without ruining the wall!

Our NoNail™ - Double Sided Adhesive Hooks will not leave any residue/trace on the wall. 


1. High-quality materials: Good elasticity and toughness, Not easy to tear.

2. It is firm and stable:  The adhesive sheet has a certain degree of flexibility, its area is larger than the hook seat itself, it is stronger and more reliable than any hook on the market, so there is no need to worry about it falling off.

3. Good weather resistance: From zero degrees in winter and 40 degrees in summer will not affect its adhesion and remain firm.

4. Multi-purpose hook: It is widely used in the bathroom, outdoor, kitchen, socket, garbage can, toilet brush, flowerpot, picture, etc.

5. Super waterproof: Ordinary glue hook will drop when contacting water. Even in water, splashing, wet walls, our NoNail™ hooks will stay strong.

6. Function: It is suitable for hard walls, ceramic tile, metal, and glass.

7. Bearing capacity: 10kg.

8. Packages: 20 Pcs Wall Hooks.


How To Install:

  • Before installing the adhesive hook, please make sure the surface is clean, dry, free from dust and oil, and wipe it dry first.
  • Tear off the back of the protective film and your fingers don't touch the adhesive.
  • Paste it on any smooth surface and press it tightly to remove any bubbles.
  • It is recommended to leave 6 hours before hanging any item to ensure the product is firm and fixed.