Magneto™ - Magnetic Phone Charging Cable

$24.95 $49.95

Soft and Durable: They're reinforced with our flexible, protective silicone tubing and made with premium, high-grade materials. Cables are also made to last.

Easy to Operate: From neatly coiled to fully released just like that!Great for traveling. Quick and easy storage with no tangles!

Safe job security: Our specs and technology are up to date with what manufacturers suggest and provide with the majority of their devices in order to provide a fast, safe charging environment.

Economical and beautiful: As functional as it is aesthetically pleasing. Our cables are up to speed. Is rated for fast charging, data transfer, and it is also compatible with wireless fast charging technology.

Wide compatibility: Last but not least, our cables are compatible with nearly every phone or device in your Mobile phone equipment! Such as iPhone/Type-C/Micro USB.

buy 2 get 1 free (mix & match)

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