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Jisulife - Rechargaple Neck Fan

 BEAT THE HEAT! Stay cool in the scorching heat with Jisulife - Rechargaple Neck Fan!

Safe & Free Your Hands: The portable neck fan allows you to free your hands and have a fashionable style. Lightweight and portable, you can carry it with you. The bladeless neck fan can be used safely for children and the elderly.

Low Noise & Comfortable: The use of a high-quality neck fan can provide a quiet environment of 31dB and will not disturb you during exercise or work. The neck fan is made of lightweight environmentally friendly silicone and ABS materials, which is lighter than a mobile phone.


"If you have a little extra "padding" on your body like me, you might find that you get warm or hot before all the little skinny-minnies in your life. This just happened at a group event I was at a few weeks ago. Half the people were cold and half the people were hot. This fan would have saved me a lot of sweating! It's perfect for those occasions!!

I've been wearing it while working from my home office, a room that doesn't really ever get cool. I have a desk fan, but that blows papers all over. This neck fan cools my neck and head and just makes me feel much more comfortable."Dixie Kathy