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Iron Brush - Hair Straightening Brush

Iron Brush - Hair Straightening Brush


Give It One Try, And You'll Fall In Love Forever!

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Experience The Groundbreaking Technology.

Get Faster and Better Results!

Patented Grip Bristles.

Advanced Infrared Technology

Gently and evenly deliver heat to each stand

of hair for sleek and beautiful results.

Patented Grip Bristles

Patented grip bristles give you 3 times faster

and better hair straightening results.

Safe for All Hair Types

With advanced heat control, Sutra's straightening brush is safe for even the most sensitive hair

MCH Technology

This groundbreaking technology leaves your hair sleek, shiny, frizz-free and healthy.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Very pleased with this straightener …

I bought this Iron Brush electric straightening comb after watching a video of it being used on YouTube. I’ve worn my hair natural for about 15 years, sometimes long & sometimes short, but this is the first time I’ve straightened it in all that time. I wore it very short for years but haven’t cut it in over a year. I was concerned with using heat appliances that might cause damage.

Since this Iron Brush was advertised to minimize damage, & I saw how well it straightened in the video, I decided to try it. From the first pass through a small section of my hair it was perfectly straight. I was amazed. The degree of straightening it does reminds me of the old school hot combs I used on my hair way back in the day. What’s different is 1) no burnt hair & 2) no hair pulled out in the appliance. I am very pleased.

Wow just buy it now

Wow. I bought this late night after watching a beauty you tuber video. I forgot I bought it and it came this morning. I had showered yesterday but not brushed my hair and threw it into a messy bun to sleep. I have naturally wavy frizzy hair. I brushed it with the brush that came with the product (which was a surprise addition to my purchase!) It took less than five minutes to straighten my hair!!!!! It normally takes me about an hour to section and straighten. FIVE MINUTES!!!!!! I cannot believe how well this works. Just try it. **I am not being compensated for this review I'm just seriously amazed**

Amazing product

I have think wavy hair and I hate straightening my hair so, my daughter normally does it for me. I seen a video of someone using this straightener comb and I thought that looks easy, I have to give it a try. Got it today and couldn’t wait to try it!!! Usually it takes 1 hr to do my hair, I was done with it in 30 mins and I did it all by myself. I’m very happy and pleased with this straightening comb. Ill probably get my daughter and her best friend one... my hair is straight, smooth and soft after use... love this product!!!!

Better than the brush!

I give this comb 5 stars because it did exactly what I wanted it to do in very little time. It came nicely packaged. I didn't remember seeing that as an addition in the product description. My hair is usually curly and I wanted something to make it more manageable or that would afford me to style easier. This comb works better than the brushes would since it works it's way through the strands of hair and can get closer to the hairline, too.

One thing though, don't tilt the comb whole you straighten or it will grab the hair and tear it. Keep it straight as you work your way down your hair. Other than that, it works well. In the pictures it took me 40 mins to work my way through the hair twice and about 25 mins the first time. It straightens right away and doesn't take more than like a minute to heat up. Very nice and I'd recommend this to anyone over the brush.

Maryam Murray

It straightened my 4c hair, the moment I combed through. Although I’ll suggest you use it on clean washed hair without creams on it or it will make your straightener smell. Very good product, I’ll definitely recommend it 💯

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