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FlexShave™ 2.0 - Replacement Head

This previous generation FlexShave Replacement Blade is designed for those with fine hair or sensitive skin. Designed with a third foil ring for extra closeness and speed, the FlexShave blade is perfect for users with sensitive skin.

Individually flexing blades allow for a close, speedy shave. Quick-twist locking mechanism for fast and easy blade replacement. Blades pull hair inwards for a no-mess shave.

Within One Year Your Shaver Heads Cut 4.5 Million Hairs On Your Face. Replace The Shaver Every Year for Best Results.

After installation, place a tiny drop of baby oil on each head and allow the shaver to run for 10 seconds. It will help to ensure your shaver properly and smoothly.

It Is Recommended That You Replace Your Shaving Head Once Every 12 Months for Maximum Shaving Performance.