Relief Pad™ - Electric Heating Pad

Relief Pad™ - Electric Heating Pad

  • Doctor recommended

  • Relieve muscle tension

  • Fits natural curve of your body

  • Promote joint nutrition and flexibility

  • Relieve Headaches, Stiffness, and Dizziness

Why Choose Us?

SOOTHING HEAT RELIEF: The electric heating pads for back pain provides soothing heat relief that aids arthritis and sore muscles. Also helps in increasing blood flow and reduce body pain caused by strenuous activities such as physical exercises.

SIX HEAT SETTINGS: The portable heating pad features 6 personalized heat settings to customize heat intensity depending on your needs with up to 176° F max temperature. The 85-watt washable heating pad has adjustable time up to 90 min with auto power off

QUICK WARMING: The extra long heating pad has a simple electric plug-in design providing you with instant heat & quick warming ability. Made from coral fleece knitted blanket which is a super soft, lightweight & cozy fabric material for maximum comfort.

HANDHELD CONTROLLER: Includes a wired handheld integrated digital controller for hassle-free adjustments, made detachable for heating blanket cleaning. Equipped with digital LCD display with temp readout. Comes with a storage / travel bag for portability.

People Usually Ask

Does the cover remove for washing?

As I read the documentation, the whole thing can be washed and air dried. The cover does not come off, but the electrical cord detaches from the pad, itself. We've had ours only a short time and have not had need or opportunity to wash it, so I am going only by what I understand from the documentation.

Does this heating pad "bunch up" and have to be constantly flattened out?

That's the best thing about this heating pad - it stays flat, but is still flexible enough to drape over your shoulders. I love it, and happily threw my old aggravating one in the trash!

Does is get very hot? I have a few other brands that are not hot enough at the highest setting.

Yes!!! What do you want to do? Scald yourself? It gets plenty warm on 6, and perfect for animal heating with covers on 3-4. Forget the meat thermometer answer! It will get hot enough to burn you if you’re not alert and you choose to set it manually and not auto-shut-off. It happened to me, though it just hurt for a couple days without a wound. So, that’s enough! I use it to warm myself up in the evening and keep the heat at 65 degrees throughout winter to save money. Why heat the entire house? This doesn’t cost as much as electric or gas heat in the long run. And the company is AWESOME!!!! Totally customer service oriented... responsive. You can’t go wrong with this product!

Is the heating pad soft?

Extremely soft and movable

Customer Reviews

Based on 97 reviews
Keeley Swift

This has become one of my all-time favorite Amazon purchases!! When it arrived, it was more narrow than I had expected, but now that I've been using it I feel that the size is perfect!! I also like that it is so flexible! I can wrap it around my leg and it covers the whole thing!! ... I do caution against falling asleep on it though

Asia Smith

At first I thought it didn't heat enough. It definitely does. Use it for a while (just one time) and you will see. It works with your body. Love the softness of it (not hard plastic like my other more expensive one is). Cover is soft and inside workings aren't hard. The size is quite good also - used on my lower back and then on my neck. Really like the option of Auto Turn Off OR Manual settings (gives you control). Cord is plenty long and well placed. Controls are super easy to use.
My cat likes it too! Bought a second one for husband. They travel with us!

Jerad Zieme

First love the huge size. Had this a little while now and it works perfect for me or my partner. He's 6'2" and can use this anywhere he needs to without it being too short or needing a second heating pad.

Love the choice to have it a 2 hour shut off or have it stay on til you shut it off. Hate when just getting comfy and the heating pad cools cuz of 2 hour shut off. So really glad this has the option to choose.

I have twisted, pulled ,jammed, dislocated and broke almost every inch of my body. So I kinda know heating pads very well always on the lookout for good ones. This one ranks in the good ones category at least for both of us here. I would defiantly recommend. Sometimes ones like this with extra features and setting a can be few and far between.

Hilda McDermott

I was excited to hear about this heating pad. I have a really bad lower back and have noticed when the humid weather is here my back feels better than normal.

So when I seen the MOIST HEATING OPTION I was looking forward to trying it.
You can spray the microplus side with a mist of water or dampen it with a sponge so
as it the pad heats it's giving you a moist heat. That really helps with my lower back pain.

It's also washable. That's a very nice feature.

Penelope Feeney

This heating pad is so much better than the crinkly cheap sunbeam heating pads everyone's grandparents have. The cover is super soft and plush, this is the side that goes against your body. It does not come off but it does unplug from the cord and is still machine washable. (DUH how do you think heated blankets are washed) the people saying it doesn't heat enough must have some bad wiring in their houses cause mine works perfectly. Currently using for menstrual cramps