Dragon Egg

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The Dragon Will Guard Your Dream!

The dragon baby in the egg is made out of polymer clay and is sleeping in epoxy resin. Every single part of his — tiny feet, wings, head, tail — is worked with incredible detail and love.


You can carry him around with you in a bag for good luck, play with him to calm down and relieve stress. He can sit at your work desk or near your home computer. Sit him on a jewelry box - let him guard your treasures. If you put him near a light source his little egg will light up and glow.

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Libby Bailey

This is an awesome little gift, I purchased it for my nephew as a birthday gift. He is at that awkward age (turning 12) where they are hard to buy for. I know he's going to love this... I took it into a dark closet and turned on the base and it gave the illusion of glowing a lava red color. Like I said, I'm sure he will love this and glad I stumbled across it.

Moshe Jakubowski

I gave it to him on his birthday, and he often takes this dragon egg to show off to his friends.

Quinn Reinger

I bought lava one, Was very impressed with this! Stunningly & beautiful

Danika Glover

I like it very much, it's small and exquisite, it can be placed wherever I want

Maia Frami

This dragon egg is exactly what I was looking for. It's perfectly palm size, and very calming to hold. The polish is high shine, and there are no imperfections in the shape. I may buy another one for my daughter!

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