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Aurrora Wear™ - Wearable Blanket

This Ultra-soft Wearable Blanket will offer you the coziness of a luxury blanket with the fit of your favorite hoodie!

Pull your legs into this hooded blanket to cover yourself completely on the couch, roll the sleeves up to make yourself a snack, & move around freely while taking your warmth wherever you go.

Perfect for cuddling, watching movies, and those cold frosty mornings. Anywhere you want to stay warm! 

  • Huge warm hood, giant front pocket, and ribbed cuffed sleeves
  • Made of ultra-fine plush microfiber (outer material) and premium fluffy sherpa  fleece (inner material)
  • Two-in-one design doubles as a blanket and a hoodie sweatshirt
  • Surface-washable construction for easy cleaning
  • One size fits all

The Ultra-soft Wearable Blanket is Warm Yet Fashionable!

Customer Reviews

Based on 95 reviews
Snuggle time.

I love this thing so much. It fits my hermit crab lifestyle perfectly. It's very warm and very comfortable. My only complaint is that I was worried the standard size would be embarrassingly tight on me so I went with the oversize (I hover around being a plus size person, especially in quarantine) and the oversize is crazy big. Way too big. The arms are really long and the thing is really heavy. It's a bit cumbersome to go about my business in it. But I make it work because I can just snuggle even deeper in there. Who do I have to impress here? No one, or else I probably wouldn't have bought this in the first place.

Maxwell Houseal
People love it... Cat approved!!!

I initially bought this in October in size "Oversize" for myself because I run very cold. When it arrived, I instantly fell in love! This wearable blanket (which for the rest of this review I will refer to as a "blanget" because that is what I have taken to calling it) is incredibly soft, thick, and warm. The sleeves are amazing and the pockets are DEEP. I can fit way more stuff in them than in the pockets of most of my actual clothes (even jackets). After owning it a couple months, I can also say I have been very pleased with the blanget's machine washability. It takes a long time to tumble dry, but I expected as much given how thick it is. I'm just happy I can conveniently wash it in my own home.

I'm only 5' tall, and the "Oversize" size is somehow perfect for me. Both of my roommates became enamoured with my blanget and had to try it for themselves. Despite being substantially taller than me (5'10" and 6'8", respectively) they both were able to wear the "Oversized" blanget and feel swallowed by a warm, cozy hug. My 6'8" roommate can even keep his fingertips INSIDE the sleeves if he decides he wants to, which he can't do with pretty much any other clothing he's ever tried on. It's awesome. He ended up buying one for himself, and I bought one for my other roommate as a Christmas gift. They wear theirs all the time.

What's better is my roommate's cat, a ball full of energy who doesn't like to chill with me, will rush across the house anytime I'm wearing the blanget so he can lay himself down in my lap. As long as I have the blanget he will choose me over my roommate to sleep on and hang out with. It's seriously like night and day. Cat snuggles are always a win, so that was a huge plus for me. What's even more remarkable is that when I went home to visit my mother for Christmas, the 3 cats we have at home all reacted in a similar way. They didn't even care that the blanget smelled like a strange cat they had never met before (and usually they REALLY care about that sort of thing)! If you have a cat, I assure you they will love the blanget just as much as you do, if not more.

Because of my amazing experience with the "Oversize" blanget, I ended up buying it for 2 friends, 3 of my siblings, and my mother. It was an amazing gift, and every single one of them loves the blanget and wears it all the time. In addition to them, 5 of my friends ended up buying the blanget for themselves after seeing mine and my family's. In total, that's TWELVE HAPPY CUSTOMERS all of different walks of life who enjoyed this product and would give it the highest rating they could. So, take it from me... This may be 1 five-star review, but it's actually 12 five-star reviews. Or, if you count my cats and my friends' cats, it's 18 five-star reviews.

I didn't include photos of the other people because I want to protect their privacy... but you can look at pictures of my cats to your heart's content! Have a great day and enjoy your blanget (if you decide to buy one, which I highly recommend)!

Very good

The oversized is huge! But very awesome. Very warm soft and comfortable. Definetly recommend

Kayla D
So comfy!!

Okay. I did not know what to expect when I got this and it beat my expectations! This thing is so incredibly comfortable. I got the oversize one as I wanted to make sure I had more room to wrap myself up in and glad I did. It made the sleeves extra long but that doesn’t bother me. Just bunch them up or stay huddled in them to stay warm. The Sherpa lining in the inside is definitely toasty too. Al in all I am pleasantly surprised by this product and recommend it for those cold winters!

So soft, snugly, and affordable! I’m in love!!

My daughter and I just got ours today and we are so excited! They are so warm and cuddly! I am so glad that I bought these off of Amazon! The original brand were $45 and the ones with designs on them were over $100! So not worth it. Plus, I love the pockets on these ones. They are perfect and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you Amazon!!