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The Dog Owner #1 Voted Dog Bed!

Super Cozy Pet Bed

Super Cozy Pet Bed

Small - 20 InchesMedium - 27 InchesLarge - 35 InchesExtra Large - 43 Inches

Our Anti-Anxiety Dog Bed

Dogs/Cats love sleeping & cuddling, so it's only right to get them a bed that they absolutely love. We have designed the perfect calming pet bed, every little detail has a significant purpose.

Studies have shown, 1 in 4 dogs experience anxiety. When they are left alone, they build up stress and this leads to severe destructive behavioral problems, loss of appetite, and a shorter life span. Help reduce your dog's anxiety and improve the quality of life for your dog with this calming pet bed!!!

Designed to relieve anxiety: Our comfy dog bed is designed to relax your dogs. With fluffy comfortable materials and a raised rim to create a sense of security. Perfect for the anxious pup who needs to calm down, curl up and relax.

Extra Comfort: Dogs love to curl up. The raised rim provides a spot to rest their head and neck, while the soft filling offers plenty of support for dogs needing relief after a busy day of running, jumping, chewing and playing!

Washable: This dog bed is easy to wash, in the washing machine and the dryer (gentle cycle, tumble dry, low heat)

Fluffy Design: Our fluffy cozy bed would look great in any home.

Luxurious design: Sleek design, this bed is a great addition to accommodate the design of any home!

Rip & Tear Resistance: These anxiety beds are built for dogs to dig and claw without ripping the bed.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Raheem Spinka

I don’t know about chew proof because the material is very soft. But I would recommend this bed 100 times! My Cat loves it and slept through the whole night

Susan Bergstrom

Missy Loves It! She weights 10 lbs. She is a long little dog. She typically likes to curl up in a little ball and that is why i bought the bed but today she decided to stretch out. She drags it around. I wish it were a little bigger but she likes this one just fine. I am waiting to see if my yorkie will try it out. If she likes it too I will get another.

Daisy Feil

The softness and quality far exceeded my expectations. I ordered a second one for my destructive kitty and so far he’s only chewed it once. Originally ordered for an 8 month old male kitten to try and calm him at night. After several months of disrupted sleep I decided to look for a calming bed, pheromones, anything out there to calm this little guy down.

We got him fixed, it didn’t stop the nighttime shenanigans. We got him a crate and this bed. He loves this bed so much that he goes in his open crate at night on his own. He promptly comes to wake me at 5:00 am—now that I can handle. Well worth the money and we’re all happy.

Devyn Feeney

These beds have thus far made it through our “Darwinian survival-of-the-fittest dog bed trials.” Our dogs love to destroy every bed that we have gotten for the past 10 years (one ugly Orvis bed from an outlet has survived the duration). So far, after 30 days, these beds have resisted the dogs’ attempts to use the beds as a toy. Also, it’s great that the beds go with our decor and the dogs actually prefer to cuddle in the beds (over, say, the couch).

Samson Lueilwitz

Phenomenal bed! My little cat absolutely loves this bed. It’s so soft and since he has a short coat, it keeps him very warm. He loves to burrow so this was perfect.

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