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Bloquer blue light glasses

Bloquer blue light glasses


Why Bloquer Blue light glasses?

Our Bloquer glasses protect your eyes against blue light, which can be detrimental to your health.

Side effects of not wearing blue light glasses:

    - Headaches & migraines

    - Eye Strain & Dry Eyes

    - Disruption of Sleep

    - Mental & Physical Fatigue

Our glasses stylishly protect and minimize blue light exposure while offering you a better quality of life.

Why Pick Bloquer Blue Light Glasses?

Our glasses have specially crafted lenses that block out the blue light given off from digital screens. Our lenses protect your eyes from glare and can help reduce potential damage.

    - Affordable

    - Anti-scratch

    - Anti-static

    - Hydrophobic

    - Easy to clean

    - Stylish

What is Blue Light?

Blue light surrounds us in our everyday life. Whenever you spend time in front of a television, computer, smartphone, or tablet, you have significant blue light exposure.

As little as two hours a day of screen time can lead to eye problems. This blue light exposure could mean long-term harm to your eyes and overall health.

Research also shows that blue light exposure could potentially contribute to obesity and chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
Dawn Beahan
Sturdy, Good Quiality

I work a ton online and I spend a lot of time staring either at a phone screen or a computer screen during the day. I often find myself getting eye fatigue , headaches and also having trouble falling asleep.

These glasses are great for blocking out the blue light that disrupts sleep cycle and causes eye strain and fatigue, sometimes even headaches. I actually think they're really cute and fashionable as well, very lightweight.

They are comfortable and unisex, very flattering and were a great buy. Would recommend to anyone who looks at screens a lot during the day!

Sebastian Lockman
Highly Recommend

These glasses are amazing. I’m a full time college student and I have to be in front of a screen all day long. I also work in front of computers, so my eyes get really strained and overall irritated throughout the day. You can tighten the screws if it get loose over time. I think it was a great purchase for a great price. I would highly recommend!

Constantin Schinner
Great Comfort and Value

I notice a difference after having these blue light blocking glasses and being in front of my computer all day for work. Stylish and cute as well. Like the design and very lightweight to wear.

Manley Kshlerin
Worth it.

They do an excellent job blocking blue light at work. They’re all so cute and with a little repair screwdriver, I don’t care about the tight hinges, I’m pretty careful with my glasses anyway. Get lots of compliments on them at work, wish my prescription glasses were this style.

Chaya Pollich
Looking for Lightweight tredy screen glasses? Here they are .

I love these! I was in the market looking for screen computer glasses that wouldn't irritate my eyes since I am on the computer 24/7. Fast shipping & super cute colors. Very trendy. Will purchase more in the future! Very lightweight & don't fog.

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