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One Step Eyebrow Stamp

Save time each morning in doing your brows with this One Step Eyebrow Stamp Set!


It is created to last all day long- no matter what your lifstyle is!

Why girls love it?

  • Easy to apply in seconds!
  • Water resistant
  • Long lasting formula
  • Blendable
  • Creates a natural look
  • Perfect shape




Instant Perfect Brows: With its brow stamp and various shapes stencils you’ll get a fuller and perfect eyebrow in minutes!

Set and Stamp: Simply set the stencil in your brow area, stamp the brow stick on the hallow area and you’re ready to slay!

Looks Natural: Made from the highest quality and blendable makeup ingredients to ensure a beautiful and natural look!

Perfectly Shaped Stencils: Comes with various popular eyebrow shapes which can all be customized.

Wide Application: This can also be used to your hairline for a thicker and fuller hair appearance or to cover up some grey hair!

Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
Georgette Mills
Easy to use

I like the stencils, there are several options for the eyebrow look. The application is straight forward, stencils are made out of a plastic that you can wipe clean on every use. The powder color blends in with the eyebrow and you can add more powder if you want it darker or vice versa. You do have to be careful not to smudge it, the powder is similar to any eyebrow/eye shadow cosmetic. Overall, this is a cool kit to use with your everyday make-up.

Nettie Schoen
Fabulous eyebrows every time!

This product was so easy to use! There are so many templates for any shape of brow you want. It was easy to find my shape and so so easy to apply! I loved that it wasn’t super awkward to hold the stencil and apply the powder. The brows look so perfect! I love this product! I ended up filling in my brows a little with some brow gel to really make them pop! This is a great eyebrow stencil.

Ismael Berge
Super easy brows!!

I was slightly skeptical but wanted to give these a try. This is my first one trying and I’m so pumped!! My brows aren’t currently shaped and I literally spent 30 seconds making them look like I put in effort. I also love how many different shapes and sizes they give you! Out of all the random beauty hacks I’ve tried from seeing online… this one actually works and looks good!!

Daron Gutmann
Super Awesome product and easy to use!

This product was easy to use and helps get your brows more full and is super quick. It comes with the best little templates and you can really play around with shape. I find the right one easier than left and I have to play a little with getting them lined up but overall I recommend! Just a reminder the product is in lid so you screw it on to refill the stamp. I saw people thinking that it was dried out but you just need to reapply by twisting it in lid.

Jaylen Hammes

The soft shaping templates are useful in trimming the eyebrows besides using them to get them drawn. Easy to use.