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Eyeliner Stamp and Eraser COMBO OFFER

Just keep winging it!

  • 2 products in 1 package (water-resistant eyeliner stamp + eyeliner and eraser combo)
  • Felt tip applicator allows for precision application, easily create bold or thin lines
  • Corrector tip instantly erases mistakes and provides gentle conditioning to the eye area, without messing up other makeup
  • Never be intimidated by liquid eyeliner again!

How to use it?

Hold eyeliner at a slight angle and trace along the upper lash line or start with a wing. use light pressure for a fine line and added pressure for a thicker, bolder look.

Make a mistake? allow the liner to dry for 10 seconds then use the corrector tip to erase mistakes and refine lines. for best results, gently clean the corrector tip after each use.

Practice makes perfect & with the mistake erase, you'll master any liquid eyeliner look in no time.

Package Includes: Eyeliner stamp and Eraser.

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Nedra Mitchell
Will NOT smudge or transfer even if you cry or sweat!

I have heavy lids that have deflated after major weight loss, and now sit ON my lashline. Because of this any eyeliner will transfer right? If i sweat or cry I'll have a copy of the perfect line I made somewhere on the upper lid right?

Well I was trying them all with NO luck no matter what they cost or claimed! Then I bought this one.

Unfortunately this one came just as I was about to give it the ultimate test. My husband of almost 40 years passed away after fighting cancer for 4 years. He was my everything and I still love him with everything I have.

He died at home with me 4 weeks ago and I have worn this to the funeral and everyday since. I've shed buckets of tears and because it's in the 90's and 100% humidity here in Ohio, I've sweat rivers too.

Not one transfer, smudge or fade away! I hope you NEVER have to worry about your liner under circumstances anything like this but if you cry happy tears or sweat you can count on this one more than any other one I've tried!

Joyce Rohan
My new favorite eyeliner!!

It basically fits all of the requirements I would want in my perfect eyeliner. It's affordable, extremely black, opaque, easy to use, waterproof, stays on for a long time, and the tip is quite thin so you can get wings as sharp as a sword.

I also usually have to use makeup remover and concealer to clean up my lines, but I barely need to do any maintenance with this. My cat eyes have been turning out so clean and beautiful.

Brennon Thompson
Great for oily eyelids!

Disclaimer: I have extremely oily eyelids. Like, they laugh in the face of most waterproof eyeliners or mascaras. It's an issue. But not with this eyeliner! This little guy has some staying power, for sure, but only when I properly prime and shadow my lids. Otherwise, it's a fighter, but usually gives up come afternoon, but that's usually when normal liners give up even with priming and shadow, so there's that!

Abel McClure
Definitely worth a try.

I do like this eyeliner. It is in fact comparable or a dupe (IMO) to KVD tattoo liner. I heard this on YouTube.
I've been using this for about a week now. This really does look nice. Its matte, opaque black. It's a brush tip. I don't have any issues with smudging or transferring. I prefer a dramatic, thick wing. No issues with a tiny precise line either. Try it for sure.

Concepcion Nolan
BLACK black, precise line!

It's waterproof in that it doesn't budge when water flows over it. If you start rubbing it, it takes a few swipes to start disappearing (the other takes a LOT of rubbing, so a little less effective on that point). We'll see, but I think that will be close enough!